This paleo chicken salad is a spin-off of another day’s cooked chicken. The key to easily following the paleo diet is to cook time intensive ingredients in larger quantities than you would eat for 1 meal. Follow this link to read about how I turned Nom Nom Paleo’s roasted chicken and gravy into butternut squash soup and the stuffing I made to accompany the chicken.

Although I loved the chicken and stuffing I had for dinner I wanted something completely different the next day. I’m not the biggest fan of leftovers so I like to cook things that I can eat more than one way. As I eyed the spinach in the refrigerator it became my inspiration to create a salad. My mind began to race with many options but when I saw the homemade mayonnaise I finally settled on chicken salad.

Melissa Joulwan, author of the Well Fed cookbooks, taught me how to make mayonnaise  and I haven’t bought mayonnaise since. I like being able to customize it and decide which seasonings and oil to use. For this particular batch of mayonnaise I used extra virgin olive oil which gave the mayo a hint of the olive oil flavor but BE CAREFUL. Some olive oils are quite bitter and they make a nasty mayonnaise I think. A neutral tasting oil I’d recommend is avocado oil.

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