Bread is one of the things both the Primal Labrador (PL) and I had missed the most since going primal, that wonderful soft doughy texture, the taste, and of course that wonderful smell when it is fresh from the oven. It is such a versatile food from toast for breakfast to sandwiches for lunch, or even sopping up the gravy with dinner. Unfortunately, traditional bread is baked using quick release grains and these carbohydrates have a higher GI than table sugar, and therefore are no good for a Primal Body (or anyone else’s!).

Over the past six months or so I have been looking for an alternative to bread. After a lot of experiments and refinements – many of which have were greedily devoured… er… “tested” by the PL – I believe I am coming close to a final recipe.

It is a simple recipe that can be made up in minutes and flavoured in many different ways.

You can use it for sandwiches at lunchtime, a savoury fried puff to use as a potato substitute with your evening meal or even as a sweet pikelet dessert treat, with the PL’s delicious primal ice cream!

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