When I think of breakfast sausage I always think of Jimmy Dean sausage. That’s the flavor I grew up with and I’ve always been disappointed when I’ve ordered sausage in a restaurant that didn’t taste like theirs. So when I set out to create a breakfast sausage their flavor is what I was aiming for. So many sausages contain “spices” which could really be anything, paprika is common, and paprika is a nightshade that is avoided on the autoimmune protocol. After numerous attempts to get the flavor I wanted I am finally happy with this AIP breakfast sausage.

Whether you’re following the auto-immune paleo lifestyle, whole 30, paleo, or are gluten-free Jimmy Dean breaks the rules. For some of you it doesn’t matter but I’m strictly autoimmune paleo for now so a cheat often means a reaction that could affect me for days. I love your sausage flavor Jimmy Dean but it’s simply not worth not feeling well.

For the ingredients and method for this recipe, please go to https://jensprimalhealth.com/aip/autoimmune-paleo-aip-breakfast-sausage/