Gluten Free Paleo Pizza Crust

This paleo pizza crust recipe is so delicious, I literally think about it randomly sometimes and start craving it and have to make it that night. It reminds me of delicious corn bread. For the ingredients and method for this recipe, please go to

Ace of Base

Mmmm…there is something very comforting about a good tart, whether sweet or savoury. The sounding crunch of a nice crisp base followed by the soft taste of the filling just fills my belly with joy. Something that is hard to find within Primal eating is flour and flour-like substitutes for making good a pie base, […]

Easy Mini Pizza with Tuna Pasta

Did you say pizza? Yes! Everything is possible in our Paleo.Primal! The most traditional recipe for Paleo pizza is the with the mass made of cauliflower. Despite being a fan, it takes a little more time and if we miss the point a little, it gets a bit wet and wet. I have the secret, […]

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