If you’ve ever followed autoimmune paleo (AIP) it is a shock to the system when you first begin. Although I was a pretty good cook before AIP the restrictions of AIP made me feel like I had to learn how to cook all over again. I became bored with food and I was a bit angry at our “food system” for leading me to this point. Trying different recipes from the internet some were good and others were horrible. So my promise to you is that I will never publish a recipe that I don’t fully believe in or I feel is only “so-so”. I’ve eaten my share of disasters to avoid throwing food away. If ANY of my recipes ever make you feel that way please let me know. This recipe for pork chops with mushrooms and rosemary pan sauce is simple comfort food. Pair it with my roasted vegetables and cauliflower mashed “faux-tatos” for a complete satisfying dinner.

For the ingredients and method for this recipe, please go to https://jensprimalhealth.com/aip/pork-chops-with-mushrooms-and-rosemary-pan-sauce/