One of the most common complaints about paleo breakfast is that people get tired of eggs. I get tired of eggs. Those who follow autoimmune paleo don’t eat eggs. So what do paleo people eat for breakfast? For me there is only 1 rule: don’t worry about whether it qualifies as “breakfast food”, just eat. I love this recipe because you can adjust it to fit your shade of paleo and still feel like you’re eating a treat.

This recipe is a guide more than anything. If you like more spice, add more spice. If you prefer seeds over nuts, then do that. Play with it and make it your own. Omit the maple syrup to make this recipe Whole 30. For those who are following AIP you can make it compliant by eliminating nuts and using cinnamon in place of pumpkin pie spice. I love this apple pie breakfast dish because not only is it easy but it’s an instant apple pie fix in about 5 minutes.

Although I consider myself a low carbohydrate eater (between 50-100 grams / day) I do eat this dish on occasion; I usually skip the maple syrup. The number of carbohydrates in an apple ranges from 15-22 grams, depending on the size and variety of the apple. For some people, an apple may fulfill their daily carb intake. These people may opt for a variety of low carb vegetables instead of an apple to maximize their diet’s nutrient density. Granny Smith apples have the lowest number of carbohydrates.

(Everyone is different and the number of carbohydrates people consume depends on insulin sensitivity and body composition goals. I’m happy with my body composition so I don’t obsess over the number of carbs in an apple once in awhile. We’re not going for orthorexia we’re aiming for enjoying life.)

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