I don’t really buy seafood very often in my house. Fresh seafood is incredibly hard to come by, in fact, I consider it impossible to get a hold of truly, good, fresh seafood. Growing up on the coast of Maine tends to spoil you as far as good seafood goes though. I’m trying to add more seafood to my diet, and I’m branching out and trying more frozen options. Seafood can provide several essential nutrients and of course its a great, clean source of protein. Tuna is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and in the fish world its easy to come by tuna, salmon and a few other types of fish with high Omega 3’s but salmon and tuna I feel take reign as far as most common go.

For the ingredients and method for this recipe, please go to http://neohomesteading.com/grilled-tuna-steak-au-poivre/